What does minimalism mean to you?

Passion, focus, slow living, eco living; just some of the words I’ve heard people use when describing minimalism. It sounds like the recipe to a perfect life but I’ve been around long enough to understand that there’s no ‘one solution fits all’ and was initially hesitant in trying out this concept. What if I’d got rid of everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ and still didn’t feel good about my life?

Although my first impressions on the subject weren’t positive, there was something that kept me wanting to learn more. A few weeks later of reading blogs and listening to podcasts, I was slowly getting convinced on this idea and more importantly how to prepare my journey. It was one of the episodes of the Minimalists Podcast where they mentioned that everyone’s journey in minimalism is different. This made me think that I should define the direction of my journey and a vision of how I see my idea of a minimalist life.

“Minimalism is focusing on your intentions and passions by reducing your distractions”

I really like this definition, it’s only 10 words but encapsulates how I want to live my life and acts as a guide for making everyday decisions. My intentions are to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and to make my family and friends happy. My passion is music however from my intention of living a healthy life I’ve started to enjoy the gym, yoga and cooking. Distractions can be anything that isn’t an intention, passion, goal or on my todo list. Using this motto I’m able to focus on activities which will improve me and that is what minimalism means to me.

What does minimalism mean to you? 


2 thoughts on “What does minimalism mean to you?

  1. Excellent thoughts on minimalism! For me, I tend to lean more toward the word “simplicity”, simply because I feel like it aligns with my heart’s desire. I think it’s a fantastic idea to come up with a phrase that describes how I view simplicity. I’m going to come up with one!

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