It’s time to review your 2017 goals

Cast your mind back to January when you defined your goals for 2017, what you wanted to learn, achieve and become by the end of year. Your motivation was probably very high, it was a new year and you had a whole 12 months to reach your goals. Now we’re almost one third of the year in, how are you doing against those goals?

I have to admit, i wrote my 2017 goals on the 2nd January but then filed them away and forgot about them until March. How many of my goals had I achieved? None. How many had I made any progress towards? None. This was a reality check that I’d prioritised my mundane daily tasks over what I want to achieve this year. One of my goals was to start this blog, I actually had this as a 2016 goal but for similar prioritisation reasons never achieved it. 

The reality check triggered me into writing a plan of action. How do I set up a blog? What should my first article be about? As these thoughts entered my head I started write them down and then action them. Two days later I had my very own blog and first article published and all it took was a review of my goals.

I now understand why it’s important to regularly review what you want to achieve and I’ve started to do this at the end of each month. I may not have completed everything I wanted to but that doesn’t matter, as long as I’m continuing to develop and making small steps I’ll be able to look back with no regrets.

What were your 2017 goals and what progress have you made towards them? Have you had regular reviews throughout the year?


31 thoughts on “It’s time to review your 2017 goals

  1. My main goal was to finish a few exams I had left for some additional professional qualifications for work. I have finished my last one last week so I guess I’m doing ok :))


  2. My only goal for 2017 was to write more and publish more, and so far I made it (knock on wood).
    I know quite well that my new year goals rarely survive past Easter, and that’s the reason why I tend not to make long-term plans on new year’s eve 🙂


  3. My girlfriend moved to Belgium to be with me, we were planning to work our asses off in 2017 to save as much money as possible for our travels in 2018. It is working quite well so far.


  4. You are one step ahead of me by actually writing down goals! You may have forgotten to look at them for a few months, but you’ve remembered now, so great job! I definitely need to do better.


  5. I actually didn’t make any goals–well, I guess my goal is to always grow my blog and social media accounts, and I seem to be doing well there.


  6. I am definitely trying to work with fitness and blogging goals. Although I haven’t kept up with the blogging goals in the same way as the fitness goals. But both are moving in a generally positive direction. So I am happy for now.


  7. I also wrote a list of goals and achieved none until today. I think I need to know what I really want first because my mind keeps changing.


  8. It’s amazing what a difference you can make just by sitting down to figure out what your goals are, and then periodically taking the time to renew your focus by looking back at what you’ve accomplished and what you still need to work on. This year I starting making quarterly goals lists on my own blog, and they’re already changing my life. If you’re interested, you can see them here:

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  9. It’s so smart to set goals. Even if you don’t reach them, it still gives you a guide to which direction you’re headed in. My most recent goal was to be able to blog full time and altho I’m not quite there yet, I’m still well on my way!


  10. After some time of making new year’s goals, I realized that I ended more stressed out about not meeting them. So at some point, I decided not make any more new year goals and I actually felt much better. However, I didn’t stop making goals. I was still making goals but with no definite timeline. Did I meet my goals? Yes, eventually. What I decided to do was to make goals and only complete the ones that always remained on my mind. Over time, I’ve learned that I always complete my goals and timelines don’t stress me anymore.


  11. I’ve been reviewing my goals but I try not to over think it too much. I worry about things as it happens to avoid stress and wasted time. When I see something needs improvement I fix it right away.


  12. Honestly I stopped with New Year’s resolutions cause it just doesn’t work for me. Personally for me works better to just make a change when is needed and think all the time how to improve my life and make better choices.


  13. My goals are constantly changing, although I do use a Vision Board for some of my biggest goals and I love seeing them being accomplished!


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